What is an Ob/Gyn?
An obstetrician-gynecologist, or ob-gyn, is a doctor who specializes in the care of women. He or she has completed special training in obstetrics, which is the care of pregnant women. This includes the preconception (before pregnancy) period, pregnancy, labor and childbirth, and after a baby is born. Ob-gyns are also trained in gynecology. Gynecology covers a woman’s general health care, including care of her reproductive organs, breasts, and sexual function. Gynecology also includes management of hormonal disorders, treatment of infections, and training in surgery to correct or treat pelvic organ problems.

An ob-gyn also offers preventive health care. This can help you make informed choices that prevent health problems. Preventive health care includes exams and routine tests to detect problems early, before you become sick.

Since ob-gyns are trained to evaluate overall women’s health, they provide care for a wide range of medical issues; much more than just pregnancy and problems of the reproductive system. For many women, the ob-gyn is their primary care physician – the doctor they turn to first for health care. Althought this practice is not designed to be a primary care practice, taking care of non-gynecological or non-pregnancy related problems, we will be happy to discuss these problems with you and refer your to a local Primary Care health professional.