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Napa Valley Writers Club is excited to announce the inaugural production of  FIRST PRESS:  COLLECTED WORKS FROM NAPA VALLEY WRITERS, 2017   a book that has been released  in April 2017. Dr Levy-Gantt is a contributor and has a memoir piece being published in this book!!  It will be available for purchase in our office and at AMAZON for the price of $15.  Her piece is entitled “TINY FEET” and you can find it on page 237.

Medical articles:
1. “Seven signs that your diet stinks”
Websites: ~ A film of Menopausal Proportions
           **** Hot Flash Havoc covers the latest tips on cutting edge articles and topics affecting women’s health as they are happening.  The movie, Hot Flash Havoc, has been appearing on PBS. This updated and newly revised 2016 documentary is now narrated by Goldie Hawn.  If you missed it and would like to rent this film on DVD from Dr Levy-Gantt’s office, contact us!!  ***** ~ Sexuality for Life ~ Links to information about menopause ~ Cracking Open the Conversation ~ Personal information for women ~ Menopause is a real medical condition ~ Women’s Therapy Center ~ Sound Nutritional Advice for those with Disordered Eating ~ Eating and cooking the “South beach” way  ~ Reasons women don’t enjoy sex ~ Information on a non-hormonal treatment for hot flashes  ~ info on pelvic floor strengthening,incontinence and how you can improve pelvic function ~ various women’s health topics of interest

Recommended books:
“The Madwoman In The Volvo—My Year of Raging Hormones” by Sandra Tsing Lo
 “I See You Made An EFFORT” by Annabelle Gurwitch
“The Idiot’s Guide to BioIdentical Hormones” by Dr. Ricki Pollycove
“The South Beach Diet” by Dr. Arthur Agastaton
“Awakening Athena” by Dr. Kendra Stephenson
“What You Must Know About BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy” by Amy Lee Hawkins PharmD
“How You Doctor is Slowly Killing You” by Dr. Angela DeRosa
“Parting the Curtains: A Woman’s Handbook of Sex and Sexuality” by Dr Ditza Katz and Dr Ross Lynn Tabisel  (for sale in the office)
“When Food Is Love” by Geneen Roth
“The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet” by Barbara Rolls
“Menopause Confidential” by Dr Tara Allmen–Everything You Ever Wanted to Know But Were Too Hot, Tired and Cranky to Ask